Post-doc Artificial Intelligence in Radiology

Your function within the department

The Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI) is the only Comprehensive Cancer Center in The Netherlands (Amsterdam). It is a well-organized and dynamic cancer research institute accommodating over 50 research groups and advanced core facilities. It is an internationally renowned center covering fundamental, translational and clinical cancer research.

The department of Radiology, chaired by Professor R. Beets-Tan, pursues research in oncological imaging covering a broad spectrum of cancer types. The most established line of research within the group is MR imaging of rectal carcinoma – resulting so far in over ten doctoral theses, 97 high-impact publications and numerous contributions to international congresses. The research output has served as the basis for several international guidelines in the area of colorectal carcinoma.

Imaging research extends to various cancer types and our aim is to improve current imaging procedures, as well as to develop image-based methods to assist clinicians in stratifying cancer patients for personalized treatment. We recognize the multidiciplinary vitality of our research environment, where experts from different fields inspire and freely collaborate to ultimately improve the quality of the medical research.

We particularly encourage professionals with a background in computational imaging, computer vision, computer science, and/or artificial intelligence or a similar field to apply. As Postdoc, you will be responsible to initiate a translational and preclinical technical cancer imaging research track and develop novel methods to improve current imaging techniques. A primary objective will also be assisting in the translation of research findings in the department to practical uses in the clinic. You will also be part of our exciting team of researchers focusing on leveraging artificial intelligence in imaging. You will build and lead an ambitious scientific team within our department. The preclinical research facilities in our institute include an animal PET scanner and a 7 Tesla MRI, the clinical facilities include digital 3 Tesla MR units. Close collaboration in MR imaging research incl. MR Linac) exists with the research groups of the Department of Radiotherapy. The large variety of topics in cancer imaging will require a creative and enthusiastic mind capable of designing and implementing new strategies to solve complex problems within an interdisciplinary environment. To this end, you will work with an ambitious team of physicists, medical specialists and technicians, and computer scientists. Additionally, you will supervise PhD students in quantitative imaging and/or biomedical computing. The work takes place within the Department of Radiology at the Netherlands Cancer Institute in Amsterdam.

Your profile

We seek an ambitious and enthusiastic Postdoc with proven leadership in research to initiate a translational and preclinical technical cancer imaging research line and build/lead an ambitious scientific team within our department. The candidate should have a doctorate in the field of computer science, computer vision, artificial intelligence, or a related field with strong experience with medical imaging, biomedical computing or biomathematics preferrably with a solid background in radiological imaging. You have a proven research track record, proven competency in grant writing and experience in supervising a team of PhD students in research projects. You can work independently and have the skills to work in a multidisciplinary team. You are able to translate often complex solutions from research into a clear clinical application.


  • PhD in computer science, computer vision, computational imaging, artificial intelligence or a similar field
  • Track record in research with international publications in the fields of quantitative imaging, artificial intelligence and/or biomedical computing
  • Focus on translation of research into clinical use
  • Proven leadership in research and experience in leading a team of scientists
  • Experience in medical imaging, preferably within Radiology
  • Experience in multi-disciplinary and multi-professional cooperation
  • English proficiency

Your career opportunities and terms of employment

You will work in a dynamic international scientific environment and collaborate with colleagues at the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Hospital, the NKI and at other institutes. Postdocs at the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek can participate in our new postdoc career development program that focuses on personal development.

Postdoc: The gross salary per month will be €3490,- to € 3.917,- (salary scale 55) depending on previous experience. The terms of employment will be in accordance with the CAO Ziekenhuizen (Collective Labor Agreement for Hospitals).


For further information please contact Prof. Regina Beets-Tan, Chair Dept Radiology (+31 20 512 1728).

Acquisition for this vacancy is not appreciated.