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Zuid-HollandAI to build upon DSI network & social channels

Hi there! You haven’t heard from us in a while – we’re posting a final update on this page to let you know that our friends from Zuid-HollandAI.org will soon take over our community.

You might know Data Science Initiative as The Hague’s facilitating ground for the usage of AI and Data Science in the area of Security, Peace and Justice. Earlier this year we announced our partner Security Delta (HSD) would take over this role as chair of the Security, Peace and Justice working group within The Netherlands AI Coalitie (NL AIC), and you haven’t yet heard from us since.

Until now that is, as we’ve teamed up with our friends from Zuid-HollandAI.org. Zuid-HollandAI is a wonderful platform focused on accelerating developments and innovation in AI and data science in Zuid-Holland. It unlocks one of the largest AI ecosystems in the Netherlands, consisting of the knowledge institutions in the region (Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam, Universiteit Leiden and TU Delft), the business community (such as InnovationQuarter) and public partners. They’re an official NL AIC hub for Zuid-Holland and very much worth following.

As we’d love to see our DSI community continu to exsist and grow further, and we see so much overlap between our activities, Zuid-HollandAI will soon take over our website and social channels. They’ll change the page name and introduce themselves next week.

Thank you so much for your presence these past few years. We’d love to welcome you in the Zuid-HollandAI community! Please reach out if you have any questions or feedback and make sure to visit www.zuid-hollandai.org.