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Organising your own Hackathon? Get our manual!

In November 2018, the City of The Hague’s Data Science Initiative ran the first Hackathon for Good. Five challenge owners (including the International Criminal Court and NATO), pitched complex AI challenges faced by their organisations, and 120 techies competed over two days to solve them. The event was such a success that a second Hackathon was run in 2019.

Now we want other cities and organizations to be able to host their own Hackathon for Good. We’ve set up a manual that outlines all the planning we did, and also includes examples of our branding. We’re open-sourcing the Hackathon so that it can be replicated around the world!

This manual describes how to set up and run a 2-3 day Hackathon for Good for 100-150 people. The Hackathon includes 5 challenges (5 different challenge owners), and costs around €100,000 to run (based on costs in The Netherlands). Please note that there are opportunities to cut costs, however, this is the price we found to meet all of our needs.

The manual was compiled by Kate Dodgson, and is a result of the hard work from the core Hackathon for Good team:

Project Managers: Kate Dodgson and Irene Rompa
Tech Managers: Bobby Bahov and Ahmed Rbaibi (AI Lab)
Event Manager: Eefje Timmers and Racha Caspers (intern)

To access the manual, please agree to our open source license by signing and submitting this form to kate@datascienceinitiative.eu.

For any further questions on the hackathon, please contact me (Kate) on the email above.
In the meantime, have a look at our latest Hackathon 2019 video below.