Companies, Institutes and Governments Present the Dutch AI Coalition

To ensure that the Netherlands keeps up with the race for Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Dutch AI Coalition will be established in October. This coalition must ensure a joint approach now that many countries are working hard and taking a lead in attracting talent and developing new AI applications.“The Netherlands in particular can develop a unique and people-oriented approach if we jointly support it. That way we make AI work for every Dutch person,”wrote the initiators, including MKB-Nederland and VNO-NCW, in a position paper with a number of concrete proposals.  

Unified knowledge and innovation network for AI

The formation of a single national AI knowledge and innovation network must connect all fragmented AI initiatives and research centers and ensure that we work better together. There must also be room for more than 400 extra researchers. The new center must also ensure that, for example, we start sharing and using smarter and more responsible data. This will ensure new applications in sectors where the Netherlands is traditionally strong, such as the water, healthcare and agricultural sectors. We can really build up a head start there, according to the initiators.

Bring top European Research Centers to the Netherlands

The coalition wants to make an effort to get a European top center for AI research to the Netherlands. This can further strengthen the relatively good starting position of the Netherlands in the AI ​​field and furthermore work as a magnet for new talent and new business. 

Large-scale Retraining and Additional Training Programs

The Netherlands must focus on a large-scale retraining and continuous training program. The expectation is that around 3 million Dutch people will need additional training now that the developments surrounding AI will drastically change the way we work in the coming years. “The current training offer does not respond to this for a long time. For example, only 10% of the training is now focused on the necessary digital skills, while the developments at the digital level are moving at lightning speed, “the initiators said.

Dutch AI coliation

The idea for the formation of a single Dutch AI coalition comes from a Task Force AI set up by MKB-Nederland, VNO-NCW, TNO, VSNU and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and where parties such as Seedlink, Philips, Ahold Delhaize, IBM and Dutch Digital Delta bring their top teams to participate. Read here the position paper prepared by them with many additional proposals. Parties who want to participate in the new coalition can register via Around 60 parties have indicated that they are interested in participating in the launch in October

This story was originally published by MKB here and has been adapted and published by DSI with permission from MKB.