ImpactFest 2019

Driven by the motto ‘doing good & doing business’, more than 1000 impact-makers from a large number of countries will join forces during the 4th edition of ImpactFest in The Fokker Terminal in The Hague. Here, they will show that innovations can make the world a better place to live. ImpactFest will once again demonstrate that social impact and economic success go hand in hand.



The true value of ImpactFest is the giant partner network. During the Meetup sessions you can meet our partners and take a deep dive together.


During the Impact Sessions we will bring impact investors, funds and purpose driven corporates and organisations together with impact startups and scale ups to sharpen their story and explore potential leads and deals. Matchmaking is key. As such, these sessions are carefully curated and on the basis of invitation only.


The main purpose of a Roundabout is to engage in an in-depth discussion on specific topics within the table hosts’ expertise. You can consider these Roundabout sessions as intimate and interactive small-scale workshops in which participants will not only learn from the host, but from all participants at the table. We take a deep-dive with 4-7 guests into the expertise of the session host. In three consecutive rounds we will host 100 different Roundabouts.


Fokker Terminal
Binckhorstlaan 230
The Hague


On sale 1st of September
Regular tickets: €45
Startup tickets: €15
Earlybird – 1st until 14th of September: 2=1!