Future Session #3

Navigating the Data Journey Methodology (Akvo)

In 2019, The Spindle and the Hague Humanity Hub collaborate in organising a series of (almost) monthly inspirational working sessions for our mutual communities! In these sessions, we’ll explore the relevance of (technological) trends for the future of development cooperation. The sessions are high in energy and always involve an expert. See what’s going on and get more grip on the implications and ideas that would work!

Future Session #3
In this interactive session, Marten Schoonman, services manager at Akvo, will facilitate a workshop on the data journey methodology. The methodology consists of four phases: Design, Capture, Understand and Act. They form the starting point for organisations to ensure data is used to contribute to lasting and inclusive impact. Akvo Foundation partners with governments and non-governmental organisations to improve the way they implement development programmes and make decisions using data since.

“Having the right knowledge and resources to effectively collaborate can be a challenge. Good data is critical for contributing to impact, and the right skills and tools are essential for data-driven decision making. So how do you ensure success, from designing and implementing your programme to creating sustainable change? We provide a series of services to ensure you succeed at every step of your programme. We support these services with our open source data platform to help you capture, clean, visualise and share your data in the best way possible.”
Our approach to your data journey | Akvo

During this Future Session, we’ll discuss how the data journey methodology can help you to:

  • Align distributed teams and bolster co-ownership of your programme
  • Achieve clarity and oversight on every aspect of your programme
  • Make confident management decisions based on accurate and reliable data
  • Showcase your results to the people who need to see them
  • Gain lessons learned to improve future programmes