Digital Campaigning

Join this Tech for Good Live event on Meetup.


Taking the pain out of campaign – this month we get some experts in to talk about their digital campaigns, the successes and the challenges. We also talk behavioural science. Aw yis.


Catarina Nyberg, “Tech for good and designing for attitude or behaviour change”
A behavioural scientist, PhD in Social Psychology, doing research in user experience, service and information design. Has worked in both academia and industry, with experience from a range of sectors including health care, education, fin tech and media. Works at Sigma Consulting Solutions Ltd.

Well meaning initiatives to do good sometimes end up having the opposite effect. Tech for good often involves some kind of change, of attitudes or behaviours, which poses a specific challenge. How can we ensure that the tech will have the intended – good – outcome?

More TBC

6:30 Arrival for food, drinks and networking
– We have alcohol, non alcohol, vegetarian and vegan. Feel free to bring your own!
– If you don’t fancy networking, the venue has plenty of space for you to sit and chill.
7:00 Speaking stuff starts.
8:15 speaking stuff ends. Time for more drinks, food and networking
9:00ish – event close

We’ll also have space for brief “lightning” talks on the night, where anyone will have a chance to speak for up to 3 minutes on something that helps more people do good with tech.

We are proud to be sponsored by The Federation, Co-op Foundation and Luminate Group

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Please keep your RSVP up to date as we often have high demand, but a fair few no-shows on the night.

See you there!