Data on AI and security

One of the key things we are working on at the Data Science Initiative is to improve the innovation ecosystem of the region South Holland on the cross roads of AI and security, peace and justice. We have a great starting position:

  • Truly great universities and research institutes within 60 minutes travel of The Hague: The Hague University of Applied Science, TU Delft, University Leiden, Erasmus University, University of Amsterdam, etc.;
  • Many international and national public organisations focussed on security, peace and justice within our city borders: ICC, Europol, NCIA, Eurojust, National Police, several ministries, etc;
  • Very healthy business environment for companies (both existing corporations and new startups) that are diving into the business opportunity of AI.
  • Many NGOs experimenting with AI for improving their impact, as demonstrated in our AI for Good Hackathon (
  • Growing awareness of the importance of AI for public organisations to improve the public value they create, resulting in new experiments, programs and funding for innovation.

To determine where we should focus our efforts in strengthening our ecosystem, we decided to commission a study to benchmark the quality of the innovation ecosystem. We can now present the draft policy analysis of that study, and invite stakeholders and the public for feedback.

Download the full report below

Secondly, we have made an analysis of AI Hubs across the world, to get inspiration for how we can set up a European AI Hub for Security. We are now ready to publish this AI Hubs study in draft for discussion too.

Download the full report below

We welcome any feedback on both reports, and look forward to discussing the data, conclusions and policy suggestions with our partners after the summer break.

You can send your feedback by sending an email to with subject line reading as ‘Feedback – Data on AI & Security’