The Data Science Initiative is a project of the City of The Hague. The mission of the Data Science Initiative is to harness the value of data science and Artificial Intelligence for peace, justice and security. Our hypothesis is that data science and AI can create a lot of public value. Of course no technology is neutral, so creating this public value is not work for machines. It is the work of people, it’s our work.

To achieve this we work together with a wide range of partners: businesses, governments, NGO’s, tech entrepreneurs, universities, knowledge institutions, etc. We are based in The Hague, but we are open to working with anyone in the world that wants to harness the power of these new technologies for a world that is more fair, more just and more safe.

We do this by bringing together the worlds of humanitarian aid, law and security with the world of data science and AI. What we’ve learned so far is that there are far more questions than answers, and there are certainly no easy answers. So our approach is to build consortia with partners to do collaborative research, run experiments, develop policies and learn in an open space. In the end the goal is simple: create scalable solutions that have a real impact on peace, justice & security, using data science.

We do like to make things practical, so all our projects have a bias towards action. Like the Hackathon for Good, the challenges we work on with partners, the pilots we are working on with government agencies.

Our partnership with ImpactCity

The Data Science Initiative works in close cooperation with ImpactCity, the community of the city of The Hague that supports people working on innovations for a better world. In The Hague, tens of thousands of people working every day to build a more peaceful, just and secure world. Doing good and doing business is at the very heart and soul of The Hague’s economy. Social impact and economic success go hand in hand and innovative solutions are being created to effectively address global challenges.That’s what makes The Hague the ImpactCity.

New technologies help accelerate peace, justice and security worldwide. More specifically, The Hague invites ethical and legal challenges surrounding the Internet, big data analytics, artificial intelligence and robotics. Innovative solutions are being developed helping to protect the world from cyber threats. With the digital revolution in full swing we believe that modern technologies can have tremendous impact in terms of bringing peace, justice and security. That’s why ImpactCity and DSI join forces to create even more impact.

Hackathon for Good – past editions

1st Edition – November 2018

2nd Edition – June 2019